Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What does it say about us as a society?

I always thought that booze was the one recession proof commodity. Not any more, apparently. En mass we have turned to our morning joe as our indispensable luxury item. Worried about being laid off? Don't drown your sorrows, get jacked up on a double mocha latte. It is curious. You would think that one of the first luxury items to go in the down economy would be a six dollar drink on the way to work, but by all accounts the java business is booming. Heck, Karma Coffee in Sudbury, Massachusetts has even survived the loss of Borepatch as a customer!


Borepatch said...

Karma coffee is the shiznit (i.e. has been fully vetted by your humble servant).

2cents said...

I did not even have to ask. Though I will ask whether the coffee down south compares to the northern variety (I know better than to ask about bournons...).