Thursday, December 15, 2011

Any scotch drinkers out there?

If so, I have a fantastic tip for you. Well, technically it is a two part question. Are you a scotch drinker and do you have a spare $73,000 lying around. If you answer affirmatively to both questions, Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve is for you. The Reserve was put into an oak cask in 1955 and bottled last year. It is the oldest production bottle if Scotch in the world. The auctioneer described the whiskey:

“It’s not often a whisky of this stature comes up at auction,” Martin Green, the whisky specialist at Bonhams, said before the sale. “The rarity and quality of the liquid, the exquisite bespoke packaging and the story behind its creation makes this a collectible that’s hard to value.”

Even the origin of the name is interesting. At 110 years old, Janet Sheed Roberts is Scotland's oldest living citizen. She lives next door to the distillery. She is part of the Grant family that founded Glenfiddich. If she's 110, and lives next to the distillery, then obviously we should all start drinking up single malts. For medicinal purposes.


Dave H said...

If I had that kind of scratch I'd start my own distillery.

2cents said...

Let me know if you do. I'll move next door and live to be 110.

Quizikle said...

"...we should all start drinking up single malts. For medicinal purposes."

Or any other purpose that may come to mind. Or no purpose at all.