Thursday, December 29, 2011

The United Nations has officially lost it

The United States taxpayers pay 25% of the United Nations budget. By far, that is the most of any one of the 191 member states. It is bad enough that my tax dollars have been the driving force behind the twenty year run that the global warming alarmists had. And forget about lunacies like having Khaddafi chair the panel on human rights. Or even the oil for food scandal (and many others). But yesterday they flew their freaking flags at half mast for Kim Jong Il. He was universally recognized as the worst despot in a world full of bad ones. The United Nations sanctioned his regime more that it has any other since the inception of the organization. Well, that's it. The straw just broke this camel's back. I am out. First politician that pledges to at least cut off our disproportionate funding, if not outright withdraw, has my vote.

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