Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hey US Postal Service, how about worrying about delivering my mail and not going bankrupt instead of getting "Santa" off the streets!?

I guess I can understand how the United States Air Force has more stones to stare down militant political correctness gone awry than the United States Postal Service.  But for the record, a grade school in Alabama and even a freaking school in Massachusetts apparently have bigger ones, too.  Above is a picture of carrier Bob McLean, delivering mail in his Santa uniform in Bellevue, Washington (for the record, his beard is real) as he has done for the past decade.  By all accounts, the children along his route, and I suspect more than one adult, enjoy his holiday attire.  But a co-worker complained and Bob was told he was out of the regulation uniform, so he had to lose the Santa suit.  Come on USPS, shouldn't you be busy figuring out how to run efficiently enough to stay alive instead of cow-towing to a ridiculous complaint laid at the alter of progressive thought?  Maybe if you grew a pear, you'd at least get the support of your customers who like and appreciate the extra effort guys like Bob put in.  Just remember, that support may come in handy when you come for your next handout from Congress.

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