Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Obama claims to be the 4th best Preisident of all time--but don't worry, his buddies at CBS edited that part out before the 60 Minutes interview was aired

Funny things happen when you do not have your teleprompter handy.  The blogosphere is lambasting both the Prez for making the claim and CBS for covering it up for him by cutting it out of the brodcast.  Jim Hoft at thegatewaypundit.com brings it:

You have got to be kidding…
After destroying the American economy, tripling the national deficit, blowing a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus plan and nearly doubling the unemployment rate, Barack Obama told “60 Minutes” last week that he considered himself the 4th best president in US history.

Ouch.  That's gonna leave a mark.


Dave H said...

If his definition of "best" is "won a Nobel Peace Prize," then he may have a point. If he means "earned a Peace Prize," he's stretching the point.

2cents said...

Good point. In fact, you kind of have to give him extra credit since he got the Nobel Prize by just breathing, I think.