Saturday, December 17, 2011

Climbing K-2 in winter and some wonderfully stupid Russians

Why do I admire a certain type of pig-headed stupidity?  I dunno either, but I do.  A team of 15 brave if not foolhardy Russian mountaineers are attempting the first winter ascent of K-2.  K-2, the world's second tallest mountain, lies along the border of China and Pakistan.  It is more that 5 miles high at the summit.   The mountain is universally recognized as one of the most dangerous to ascend.  All of which are undoubtedly the reason that no one has ever reached the summit in the winter.  Temperatures often hit 50 degrees below zero Fahrenheit with steady winds of 40 mph.  And let's not forget a lot less daylight and a lot more snow to cause avalanches.  So I will raise a glass of Stolichnaya and wish you "za tvajó zdaróvye", my Russian brothers in kindred foolish and foolhardy spirits--as I comfortably follow your blog about your tilt at a worthy Quixotic windmill while sitting in front of my roaring fire.

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