Saturday, December 17, 2011

God I love the law

Better still, as a lawyer, I love wise ass clients.  So here is to the man formerly known as Rotem Guez.  It seems the former Mr. Gutez is an enterprising computer/internet engineer who lives in Israel.  He started an online business he called the "Like Store."  The idea was to enhance companies on-line reputations by offering free content when a Facebook user clicked on the "like" button.  But Facebook does not like anyone else to make money when they can, so they had their lawyers send a nastygram threatening to immediately bring suit if the then Mr. Gotem did not forthwith cease and desist his activities.  What did he do when faced with bevy of high priced lawyers backed by the mega-multi-colossal social networking monolith?  Cave?  Plead for mercy?  No way.  He legally changed his name to "Mark Zuckerberg" so Facebook will now have to bring suit against Mark Zuckerberg if they want to pursue the matter.

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