Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Perhaps the tide of political correctness is turning--Santa goes back to school

As I have mentioned before, whackos are on their annual rant to try to ruin the Christmas spirit, whether in an Alabama grade school or a USAF airbase.  So I am on my annual rant to let common sense and genuine expressions of peace and good tidings be freely, proudly and frequently displayed.  Political correctness cannot be allowed to win over plain old common sense.  Well, I found a glimmer of hope in the Boston Globe this morning:

SAUGUS, Mass.—Santa Claus will be visiting Saugus schools after all.
The town's superintendent on Monday announced that he was ending a nearly 50-year-old tradition of off-duty firefighters visiting elementary schools to hand out coloring books and crayons to children because he said Santa is a religious figure.
He reversed his decision later in the day after an outcry from firefighters and citizens who say Santa is a secular symbol.
Fire Chief James Blanchard tells The Daily Item of Lynn that he was "taken aback" by the original decision, but is glad it was reversed.
School Committee member Arthur Grabowski says the superintendent didn't consult the board before making the original decision he said was "political correctness gone awry."

And this is a Town just north of Boston.  In Massachusetts.  Now that is a Christmas miracle.


Rev. Paul said...

"In Massachusetts. Now that is a Christmas miracle."

I'd have to agree.

2cents said...

No kidding. Not Cambridge, but it's astart.

Borepatch said...

Now if they can fix Sudbury ...