Thursday, December 8, 2011

Idiots whistling past the graveyard

Please don't get me started on the joke that anthropogenic carbon based global warming has become. When I first heard the theory I thought it was intriguing. Then I started to research it. The only problem was that the science didn't really line up very well with the theory. Simply put, the carbon based global warming theory goes as follows: We put more carbon up in the atmosphere. Radiant energy of many frequencies from the sun hits the earth and reflects back out. But instead of going off into space, the radiant energy excites the carbon based molecules. Excited molecules is the definition of heat, so the atmosphere is getting warmer. However, apart from issues associated with trying to model or even accurately measure something as huge and varied as the earth's atmosphere, I started to be bothered by the molecular physics behind the theory. Carbon is a lousy insulator of radiant energy. It only excites at a narrow band of frequencies. The scientific analogy my simple mind can understand is a cup of water in a microwave: Water is a great insulator of radiant energy because it efficiently excites at a wide band of radiant energy frequencies. So the microwaves heat up the water. But take the water out of the cup, and it barely rises in temperature. Carbon is like the cup. Plus, if you double the carbon, you only get about half as much insulating ability. So to avoid these little scientific inconveniences, the global warming alarmists came up with all of these complicated feedback loops to make their model work to show more warming based upon more carbon. I always go with the simplest explanation first. Like more energy from the sun or more water vapor high in the atmosphere (both of which are easily measurable and are great explanations for any little bumps in temperatures during the 90's before it started to level or decline over the past decade). Then Climategate hit. And hockey sticks got busted. And the UN reports turned out to be bogus and based on un-vetted articles. And now more, and potentially worse, emails come out between the "accepted" scientific experts. Heck, even Cananda is officially dumping global warming.  But apparently none of that bothers the good Senator Boxer.  But don't worry folks.  The science is settled.

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