Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Speaking of mowing the lawn

One way to avoid a charging alligator while doing lawn maintenance, would be to use this bad boy and out run him:


Craftsman has introduced its new CTX line of garden tractors which have everything from cup holders to power streering.  They have a top end of 8 mph (OK, maybe not fast enough to out run a charging gator, but still fast for a mower).  In fact, Craftsman is introducing the new line at this years Detroit Auto Show.  Of course, some of the purists are objecting:
"It's an automobile show, stupid, not motorcycles or garden implements," former General Motors Co product czar Bob Lutz said. "What's next? Plumbing and bathroom fixtures? A Toto-toilet stand? An Art Van furniture stand?"
Come on!  That bad boy can do eight miles per hour.  Personally, my concern is a bit different about having Craftsman, a division of Sears, enter the Detroit Auto Show.  In light of the announced closures of many Sears stores, does this move foreshadow the federal government spending more of my money to prop up Sears as it did Chrysler and GM?

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