Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Butterfly wings are beating faster

A while back I blogged about the popular "revolt" against the corrupt and heavy handed party officials in the little Chinese fishing village of Wukan.  An inside land deal by the local party boss, the suspected beating to death of a villager in police custody and other similar incidents had finally pushed the villagers to rise up and put their collective feet down.  The amazing thing was that nothing happened.  China-philes speculated that a conflict was raging behind the scenes between Yang Wang and Bo Xilai, who represented the liberal and hard line factions of the up and comers in the Communist Party.  Yang and the liberals may be winning.  The BBC is reporting that progress is being made, and by that I do not mean the extermination of the village of Wukan.  The land deal is being unwound, currently detained village leaders are going to be released and the body of the prisoner who died of a "sudden illness" while in police custody is being given to his family.  No hurricane yet, but I may feel a slight breeze.

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