Sunday, December 11, 2011

I always suspected Neolithic men were eco-facists

And now I have proof!  Recent corings in and around the Dead Sea have proven that it actually dried up about 120,000 years ago.  I found the BBC report quite interesting:

A consortium of investigators from Israel, the US, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Norway drilled two cores into the Dead Sea's bed in late 2010. One of them was centred close to the very deepest part of the lake.
At 235m down, the consortium hit a layer of small, rounded pebbles - what the team believes are the deposits of an ancient beach. Given the location of the core, this would suggest the Dead Sea had a complete, or near, dry-down at some point in the past.

The drying of the sea happened during a period that was warmer than today.  And I know from everyone in Durban that any warming comes from man putting carbon up in the air.  So I am left with the inescapable conclusion that the cave men must've been totally disregarding Mother Earth and driving their Escalades all over the fertile crescent.  At an absolute minimum, I guaranty those hairy jerks were using dry hardwood for their camp fires!  I just wonder how they are going to pay their reparations to the International Climate Court.

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