Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yet another attack on common sense and the Christmas spirit

The Airman's creed:

I am an American Airman.
I am a Warrior.
I have answered my Nation’s call.
I am an American Airman.
My mission is to Fly, Fight, and Win.
I am faithful to a Proud Heritage,
A Tradition of Honor,
And a Legacy of Valor.
I am an American Airman.
Guardian of Freedom and Justice,
My Nation’s Sword and Shield,
Its Sentry and Avenger.
I defend my Country with my Life.
I am an American Airman.
Wingman, Leader, Warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind,
I will never falter,
And I will not fail.
The word "tradition" is a core part of the United States Air Force creed and philosophy.  And it is certainly traditional to have Nativities and Menorahs this time of year.  Both have been set up on a street corner on Travis Air Force Base.  So of course, another whack job pseudo-organization feels compelled to object.  This time it is the ' Military Religious Freedom Foundation.'  Whoever the heck they are.  But my boys in the USAF Judge Advocate General Corp aren't buying what they're selling and they sure aren't backing down from a fight:

“While we appreciate the concerns raised by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the Office of the Air Force Judge Advocate General, upon review, concluded the inclusion of a Wing Chaplain sponsored Nativity Scene and Menorah as part of a broader, secular holiday seasonal display does not violate the establishment clause of the United States Constitution.”

So maybe you militant politically correct thought police types should go back to picking on little grammar schools in Alabama.  'Cuz my brothers and sisters at the bar in the Air Force JAG office are professional fighters.  Keep up the good work and thank you USAF.

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