Friday, December 16, 2011

Hell Week in Cambridge

Hell week at East Coast Grille in Cambridge is a popular annual event.

I know Borepatch would grouse that every week in the Peoples' Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts is Hell week. And there are times when I would tend to agree with him. However, this week it really is Hell week. At least at the East Coast Grille. It has become quite the reknowned event. My personal reccomendation is the Pasta Plate from Hell. According to the owner's recent interview on the local CBS affiliate, he is targeting a very special group of customers:
Owner Chris Schlesinger created the Pasta Plate from Hell. He says it’s aimed at a specific clientele.

“All the people that like hot and spicy food consider themselves gun slingers and they come looking for trouble,” he said.

One patron described the experience as "Pain. I can’t breathe. I can’t talk". Hopefully the poor guy didn't cave and ask for the dreaded orange Popsicle. If one is seen being rushed out of the kitchen, the whole place erupts in a rhythmic chant of "wimp". The driving incindiary force is the Naga pepper, one of the hottest known to man. Two tallies are kept on the chalk board: those few who have actually managed to complete the bowl and the number who have gone to the hospital trying. For real. So far this week, three ambulances have been called. Oh, and if you are thinking you are man (or woman) enough to try a Pasta Plate from Hell, you will need to sign a legal waiver and release first. Proceed at your own risk.

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