Saturday, December 24, 2011

More evidence that Santa exists AND that he belongs in school

I think little Bethany Arnold has a bright future as a lawyer some day. Bethany is a second grader in the Tar River Elementary School near Raleigh, N.C. CBS news correspondent Steve Hartman did a piece on the holiday spirit while visiting Bethany's class. As a part of the segment, each of the second graders wrote letters to Santa. When Hartman showed up, each child except Bethany got what they had asked for. Bethany hadn't asked for a new toy like her classmates. She asked Santa to bring her Daddy home from Iraq. She told Hartman that she knew he was helping people over there, but she really missed him. Hartman asked her if she thought that her request was a little tough on the big guy. She responded was flawless and irrefutable logic. Postulate 1: Santa exists. Postulate 2: He can obviously accomplish miracles since he travels all the way around the world visiting children in every country in only 24 hours. Ergo: Santa could bring her dad home. And he did. In fact, when Santa's beard came down, it turned out to be Bethany's father. Ancillary to her proof that Santa exists, it seems to me she also showed why he should be allowed in schools. I'm guessing it will be 'Bethany Arnold, Harvard Law Class of 2031.

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