Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa (and the people) stare down the USPS

Some say the hearts of US Postal Service supervisors in Bellevue, Wash., grew three sizes that day.

Yes!!!  Santa Wins!  Technically,  letter carrier Bob McLean wins, but in reality, we all do.  You may recall my earlier post about a mail carrier in Bellevue, Washington who has worn a Santa suit while making his deliveries for the past ten years.  Everyone enjoyed the tradition.  Except this year, a co-worker complained and, of course, the USPS ordered Bob to stop wearing the Santa suit and go back to the regulation uniform.  Well, our intrepid hero, Bob, decided to "go rogue."  He told the USPS to stuff it and continued to wear the Yule outfit.  He acknowledged to the LA Times that he may well be fired, but he decided some things were worth making a stand for, and Santa was one of them.  Fortunately, the press got ahold of it and the USPS started to get inundated with complaints from as far away as Great Britain.  So I am glad to report, the Postal Service backed down in the face of a popular uprising and has agreed to allow Bob to continue with the Santa suit.  God speed, Bob.


Rev. Paul said...


2cents said...

Had to happen. He had Rudolph AND Yukon Cornelius on his side.

Borepatch said...

Actually, one of the few times where we can be thankful for a Union. I'm sure they discussed the finer points of grievance procedure with USPS management and asked whether this was an appropriate time for a Festivus miracle.