Friday, December 30, 2011

Who is Mohammed Fazl?

Mohammed Fazl is a high risk Guantanamo detainee.  Fortunately, for the sake of world safety and justice, Mr. Fazl has been in American custody since 2002.  (It is tempting to flash back to candidate Obama who insisted he would close Guantanamo, restore rights of habeas corpus to the non-citizen detainees and try them in American courts, but I will resit the urge to digress down that path.)  Reuters describes Fazl as follows:
As a senior commander of the Taliban army, Fazl is alleged to be responsible for the killing of thousands of Afghanistan's minority Shi'ite Muslims between 1998 and 2001.
According to U.S. military documents made public by WikiLeaks, he was also on the scene of a November 2001 prison riot that killed CIA operative Johnny Micheal Spann, the first American who died in combat in the Afghan war.
So assuming we have wrung out whatever useful information we can from the man, I personally would urge being very humanitarian in his treatment.  Give him what he wants and forthwith dispatch him to his seventy virgins.  However, that is not what President Obama wants to do.  He thinks it would be just ducky to give him back to the Taliban to curry some good will and then negotiate a "peace" with them.  Read my lips: you do not negotiate anything with terrorists (to say nothing of perpetrators of horrible war and humanitarian crimes).  You kill them.  All.

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ALL is correct including any traitors who aid them in any way