Friday, December 16, 2011

Newsflash!!! This blog will continue to be illuminated by incandescent bulbs!!!

Congress just overturned the incandescent light bulb ban!!  The conferees added a rider to the appropriations bill that did away with ban.  (Technically it did away with any funding to enforce the 2007 law, but using the appropriations bill is how Congress de facto repeals laws when faced with a sure veto because Obama has to sign it or the government will shut down.)  Borepatch's long national nightmare is over, landfills will not have terribly toxic materials dumped in them from the manufacture and disposal of alternative lights, we can stop hoarding the good lights, we will not have to pay twenty times as much in a blatant corporate subsidy to GE and, most importantly, I can still get the normal looking twinkle lights for my Christmas decorations instead of the oddly bright things they are selling now.


Dave H said...

But I like smuggling contraband back from Canada! They've got some great over-the-counter medicine for back spasms. It's way better than Doan's Pills.

2cents said...

Load up on light bulbs, then. We'll all humor you and pretend it is illegal so you still get that thrill when you flick the switch. Wouldn't want to diminish that!