Thursday, December 29, 2011

Assume for the moment that you really believed in AGW

If you did, then wouldn't you support an experiment to demonstrate a way that could relatively cheaply and easily counteract all those nasty warming effects caused by evil man-kind spewing up tons of carbon every second?  A bunch of good hearted but misguided egg heads in England certainly thought so.  They noticed that after the large volcanic eruption of Pinatubo in 1991, the planet cooled by as much as .7 degrees Fahrenheit for the next two years.  The cause is explained nicely in this article by
While the larger particles of ash fell out of the sky fairly quickly, the sulfur dioxide became fine droplets, or aerosols, of sulfuric acid. These prevented inbound solar energy from reaching the planet's surface, which caused global cooling. The cloud of aerosols created by Pinatubo created spread around the globe in about three weeks and ultimately caused a dramatic decrease in the amount of solar energy reaching the planet, according to the researchers.
So our intrepid do-gooder eggheads came up with the bright idea that they could easily create a few artificial pseudo volcanoes to do the same thing as Pinatubo.  And it could be done for less than pennies on the dollar, to say nothing of having no adverse social or geo-economic impacts, as compared with the impossible task of reducing the world's carbon emission.  They called it Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering or "SPICE" for short.  You can read the details in the paper they presented to the Royal Society, but the idea is fairly simple.  They propose tethering a helium balloon with a flexible but strong tube about 25k up in the atmosphere.  Water would be pumped up to form droplets that would be coated with sulphur.  Voila! Instant and cheap artificial volcanic emissions.

Obviously, they were welcomed by all of the global warming alarmists as conquering heros for coming up with a solution that cost only a tiny fraction of the carbon reducing scenarios and none of the associated economic and social disruption, right?  WRONG!  They have been opposed by the very thermagedden establishment whose lopsided alarmism caused the scientists to try to find a workable solution, from the Obama Administration's National Weather Service to the British Natural Environment Research Council.  Why, one would ask, would these institutions be against tests to devise a simple and cheap way to counteract the evil forces of man made air borne carbon?  Simple.  They don't really believe in carbon based global warming, either.  They believe in making money, getting funded, social engineering and going on annual vacations at our expense in Durban, Copenhagen, Bern and other wonderful destinations.

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