Friday, December 9, 2011


I am I a bad person for reveling in the Lakers blocked trade

Answer: No, I'm a Celtics fan.   (Admittedly a few people might claim the two are the same thing, but they are Lakers fans, so their opinion is irrelevant.)


Ken said...

My take: Either Dan Gilbert wants to make sure Chris Paul does to the Hornets what LeBron James did to him (get over it, already -- I'm from Cleveland, and it took me about half an hour), or this is the first step in contracting the Hornets after Paul walks after this season, or both.

Of course, I think the league ought to consider contracting 6-10 teams, the Cavs among 'em. Not that I care much for the NBA at all any more.

Quizikle said...

OK. Bookmarked. Borepatch's fault.
Even though I don't care for basketball.

But "snark, and climate denierism, and enemy-of-the-state counter-revolutionary propaganda" works.

(What's a "Laker's blocked trade"?
No, never mind. It probably has something to do with basketball)