Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rasmussen survey has Romney up 45% to 39% -- over Obama

Romney is going to be the Republican nominee (sorry Borepatch).  He hasn't really even started to run yet.  He has a war chest like no other and more importantly, he can go get a lot more.  Maybe even more than Obama.  He is an experienced campaigner and politician.  He will not "oops" himself out of the Whitehouse.  He knows the "anybody but Obama" candidate will win as long as he doesn't piss too many people off.  Even still, the latest Rasmussen poll surprised me:
The latest national telephone survey finds that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters favor the former Massachusetts governor, while 39% prefer the president. Ten percent (10%) like some other candidate in the race, and six percent (6%) are undecided.
Read that again.  Not just the lead one of more than a half dozen primary candidates had over the sitting President, but the fact the 10% liked another candidate in the race.  Obama is unopposed.  So that 10% likes another Republican.  I do not know the statistics, but I cannot believe any but a fraction of those people are likely to jump to the other party's candidate if Romney gets the nomination.  So give Obama every one of the undecided voters and he still loses by a ten point landslide. Heck, even Jimmy Carter did a little better than that.

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