Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New polls indicate trouble for Obama's re-election

Forget about focusing on Romney, or any other Republican challenger.  Who that person will be and what he says may well be irrelevant.  A brand new Rasmussen poll shows Obama's approval rating has dropped to seven points below his disapproval rating--46% to 53%.  Worse, the people who strongly disapprove are almost twice those who strongly approve--41% to 21%.  In every election since 1940, only Richard Nixon in 1972 won re-election when he started his election year with a lower approval rating than disapproval rating, and he was only a point off.  Gallup's daily tracking shows Obama has averaged only 44% since the first of the year. Out of the last eight incumbents, seven have out polled him at the same point of their Presidency.  More bad news for Obama can be found in the new CNN poll.  To begin with, Romney, who is taking shots from all sides as the Republican Primary is for all intents and purposes winding to a close, is out polling Obama among likely voters in a head to head match up.  More interesting to me is the very large lead Romney has over Obama on who can get the economy moving--53% to 40%.  I think maybe the whole Bain Capital thing is actually working in his favor because the electorate figures a venture capital guy must know business and the economy--and they are right.

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