Saturday, January 28, 2012

I told you Florida was Romney's firewall

ALL of the polls now have him up by between 7% and 9%.  He'll win and then it gets easier for him from there with states like Maine, where he won last time, and Michigan where his dad was Governor.  If I were an employer hiring the person I thought would do the best job as President (and I could fire him if I were wrong), I would hire Newt.  He did a great job as Speaker, he is bright and not afraid to speak his mind.  However, running for President and being President are political jobs.  Romney is gonna get the Republican nod and he will be an un-objectionable 'anybody but Obama' choice for the general citizenry.


Bushwack said...

how sad is it that we had 3 years to come up with a Reagan and we're going to be stuck with an "Also ran".....

prediction: Obama gets 4 more years...Do you think this class war issue is over the tax code? Never was. It was ALWAYS because the dems know the opponent in 2012 will be Romney so they started the division early enough that all they have to do is rehash it..

Good plan for the Dems destruction for the Nation.

2cents said...

I disagree. The very problems Romney has with the right will work in his favor in the general election. He is unobjectionable, which is all it will take.

KurtP said...

I will never vote for the guy who lost to Mccain, was the grandfather of Obamakare and never saw a gun control law he didn't like.

Every election I can remember voting in was that we have to vote for the lessor of the two evils because this election means SOooo much- and we can do something about the contestants later.

Wash rinse -repeat
I'm tired of voting FOR evil.

Not this time.