Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ew, gross. I mean cool

I've heard of coughing up a lung, but a lung cancer? Apparently that is what a woman in the UK did. Well, technically it was a throat cancer, but close enough. Thirty seven year old Claire Osburn was driving down the road when she felt a tickle in her throat, turned into a coughing fit, which turned into a three quarter inch lump of liver colored flesh on the seat beside her. The biopsy of the expelled tissue showed it to be metastatic adenocarcinoma - an aggressive form of cancer that likely stemmed from glandular tissue at the back of her mouth. Doctors told her that she undoubtedly had cancer cells in the area surrounding the former base of the tumor. They said that with aggressive chemotherapy she had a fifty-fifty chance of surviving. Only all of the tests and scan showed that she was completely cancer free. She had hacked it all up. And to think, I was beginning to worry about this persistent cough I can't seem to shake. Now I'm just going to cough harder!

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