Friday, January 6, 2012

Mitt is getting the nomination

Sorry again, Borepatch, but Mitt is gong to be the Republican nominee.  Forget about New Hampshire where, not surprisingly, Romney is up by 24 and 23 percent over the next closest challenger according to the latest Rasmussen and Suffolk polls respectively.  It is (one of) his back yards.  Plus the State is a "Northeast conservative" state as opposed to a Southern one.  What is surprising, if not shocking, is the most recent CNN poll that just came out for South Carolina.  Romney 37%, Santorum 19%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 12% and the rest single digits.  I have actually dealt with Mitt Romney, both in private business and when he was Governor.  We could do worse.  I know, not exactly a ringing endorsement.  However, my biggest complaint is that he is too much of a politician.  If he were to say what he really thought instead of what he thinks would play best to his constituency, he would be fine.  I additionally like that he not only was in real business, he was successful.  Mitt is also the one Republican that may be able to out-raise a sitting President.  Finally, I really like Mitt because he is the best one to beat Obama.

A decisive South Carolina win would be good news in several respects.  He could gear up fundraising for the general election, conserve resources without having to go through a bruising primary battle, and could focus on Obama without having to worry about conservative challengers undercutting him with the Republican base.

Oh, and maybe best thing of all about Mitt being the nominee is that he won't lose the election.  Which is likely all that any of the Republicans will need to do.

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