Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I remember when news of a study broke that linked coffee to pancreatic cancer

Not that it slowed down my coffee consumption, but it did make me sad that one of my relatively few vices and pleasures in life was, in fact, bad for me. Fortunately, subsequent research thoroughly debunked the first finding. Now we find out that it is actually good for you. A Chinese study has been released that shows several compounds in coffee are quite good in warding off type 2 diabetes. Insulin, the hormone that is required for the body to metabolize glucose, is made by the pancreas. An amyloid protein called hiAPP can accumulate to the point of killing pancreatic cells. It turns out that caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and even caffeine all prevent the formation of hiAPP and thus protects the pacreatic cells. So have another cup of joe. It's good for you.

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Dave H said...

If only.

Coffee (good coffee, anyway) makes my eyesight go funny if I drink more than one cup. A healthy pancreas would mean more to me if I walk around bumping into things.

Enjoy your java, boss.