Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm going with werecat

After all, Victorian England was the real birthplace of vampires and werewolves.  So when I read that very strange happenings are afoot in the village of Woodchester in Gloucestershire, and a big cat is becoming the suspect, then I immediately jump to the logical conclusion that it must be a supernatural feline.  The Independent reports as follows:

Now, even the National Trust is suspicious and experts are carrying out DNA tests on the carcasses of two roe deer found mutilated in the Gloucestershire countryside.

It began with dark mutterings in the local pub, that a strange beast might be stalking the woods around the little village of Woodchester, savaging the local wildlife and frightening local dog walkers.
Then a second similar carcess was found.  The article continues:
Experts said that injuries to the neck, the plucking of fur and the removal of the stomach and the intestines from the carcass were all hallmarks of a big cat kill.
The locals are on edge:
“I’ve lived here for 20-odd years, and there’s always been a rumour,” said Ben Powell, manager of the Old Fleece pub in Woodchester. “But nothing’s ever been proved. It’s not often talked about – but you do hear the odd rumour.”
So if you are walking the pup at midnight, with a full moon in Gloucestershire, I would personally advise packing a little heat.  With silver bullets just to be safe.

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