Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't screw with grandparents in Daytona

I read an intersting story last week about a miscreant who was shot and killed breaking into a home to rob it.  That miscreant is, or was, the late Mr. 24 year old Tyler Orshoski.  Mr. Orshoski's lovely mug shot is below:

He has a long record.  He also made an bad error in judgement when he picked Charlie Robbins Daytona home to break into.  A little before 6 AM, Mr. Robbins awoke to the sound of an intruder busting his door and grabbed his psitol.  As the burglar started to open the door, Mr. Robbins shot him.  Dead.  Did I mention that Mr. Robbins is a recently widowed 82 year old grandfather (pictured below)?

Then this morning another story out of Daytona catches my eye.  This time it involved 64 year grandmother Karen Granville.  It seems Granny Granville was up at 3 AM one night watching TV when she heard a Police chopper overhead.  She looked out the window in time to see a 22 year old car theft suspect named Roderick Willis jump out of a car and race into her back yard.  She grabbed her 38 and raced after him.  She caught up with him as he was trying to scale her fence:
"My adrenaline was just flowing at 100 mph," she said. "I just said, 'Stop right there (expletive), or you're going to be dead where you stand."
Unlike the late Mr. Orshoski, Mr. Willis decided to freeze until the police arrived.  A picture of Granny Granville's 38 is below.  Oh, and that is her holding it.

I know there is a bit of an age difference, but since Mr. Robbins is a recent widower, I'm thinking he and Granny Granville make a cute couple.

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