Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I want this cat

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Andrea the cat has used up two of her nine lives. She was euthanized twice. And lived.
The cat was put on the death list last fall when no one had adopted her after 30 days at the shelter. Andrea was plopped in the gas chamber to be euthanized but showed signs of life when workers came to retrieve her. They tried again. After gassing Andrea a second time, then finding no vital signs, workers placed the cat in a plastic bag in a cooler.

Later, Andrea was found alive in the bag.

"She’s pretty tough, obviously," Janita Coombs, a volunteer with the Community Animal Welfare Society who agreed to take care of Andrea, told The Tribune after the botched euthanasia attempts. "She’s definitely got some will to live."

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Dave H said...

Whoever does adopt that cat needs to rename her "Lucky," because man...