Monday, January 23, 2012

My favorite NHL goalie and no this is not a post about sports

You may have gathered that I am a somewhat ardent New England sports fan.  Plus I grew up in Maine, so I like hockey.  And I certainly like the (reigning Stanley Cup Champion) Boston Bruins.  Furthermore, I have very much liked their goalie, Tim Thomas.  Thomas has won the Vezina Trophy as the league's best goalie for two of the past three years.  Without his superhuman play, the Bruins do not win it all last year.  You even have to like the guy's story.  He played at the University of Vermont, but really got no good offers out of college.  He toyed with giving up his dream, but instead played in Finland for a while.  By all accounts he was outstanding, but still nothing.  He finally caught on as a back up.  Maybe it is because his style is unconventional that the hockey world never appreciated him.  He charges out at players instead of waiting back in the goal.  He spins, flicks and dives instead of dropping and spreading like a classic butterfly goalie to block shots.

So there is much to like about Time Thomas.  But now, I like him even more.  The Bruins went to the Whitehouse today to receive the President's congratulations on winning the Stanley Cup.  All the Bruins except Tim Thomas, that is.  He refused for "political reasons."  Way to go Timmy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for fighting the good fight, Tim!

Ken said...

Michael Moore's head exploded at the news and he ate an entire Baskin-Robbins, employees, customers, and all before being brought down by a tranq dart.

Anonymous said...

Ken just leveled up.