Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Because going through that drive through is just too much effort

Burger King has decided to start delivering to your home.  That's right, if it is too much effort to get in your car and find the nearest BK drive through, you can have it your way in your own house.  The "Whoppers on Wheels" program is currently only available in a few locations around D.C., but according to Bloomberg, they are ramping up 16 more areas which should offer delivery by the end of January.  The rules are that you place a minimum $8.00 order and need to be within 10 miles of the nearest restaurant.  Burger King has even already rolled out its website for on-line delivery ordering.  I think this is a great idea.  You wouldn't want to burn off any of the 40 grams of fat in a Whopper actually walking to your car, would you?


Dave H said...

It's a marketing ploy. They'll run the delivery vehicles on recycled fryer oil, which makes the exhaust smell like French fries. The smell will make people crave fast food, and they'll all head over to BK.

I don't worry about government mind control. It's corporate mind control that scares me.

2cents said...

Actually, that is brilliant.

Dave H said...

Wish I'd had the original idea, but a friend of mine told me the service vehicles at Disney World run on reclaimed peanut oil from the park's food stands and restaurants. He said the exhaust does smell something like French fries.