Sunday, January 22, 2012

I have one question for the Obama administration: what are you afraid of, that she may not live out her full and complete life if you let her back in her home?

Texana Hollis, 101, who has been evicted from her Detroit home since September, talks with Jahzara Cheeks, 5, the granddaughter of Hollis' longtime friend who offered her a room in her home.

Above is Texana Hollis.  She is 101 years old.  And Obama's boys over at HUD evicted her from her home after her 67 year old son failed to pay her property taxes on a reverse mortgage.  So the Obama administration foreclosed for a breach of that covenant in the mortgage.  Then the spin boys realized  that it might not look good in an election year to go around throwing little old ladies in Detroit out on the street.  So a mere two days later the Whitehouse gave public assurances that she could live in her house "for as long as she wants."  Of course, that was before the mighty bureaucracy started to turn.  HUD inspected the house and decided it was not suitable for her to live in.  So they said she could not go back into her long tome home.  For her own protection.  Really!?  Seriously!?  Are you afraid she won't live to a ripe old age!?  


Dave H said...

And we wonder why homelessness is on the rise. It's not returning vets with PTSD or people with upside-down mortgages, it's too many blankety-blank regulations: building codes, environmental rules, neighborhood associations, tenant unions, taxes on this, that, and a dozen other thing you never even heard of.

It used to be you could walk off into the woods, build a cabin, plant some corn and beans, and live out the rest of your life in peace. Not any more. Try it now and you'll get arrested for trespassing, fined for not doing an environmental impact study, evicted for not paying taxes, have your cabin condemned, and cited for not having the proper permits for everything you did.

Living has gotten too complex. Some people just think "screw it" and drop off the map. Believe me, it's tempting.

ShallNotBeInfringed said...

I am very fond of telling nosy people how my Grampa drank, smoked, guzzled coffee, and still lived to be 96. Without fail, they always fall for it and ask "How?" and I reply....
It seems you can't even finish out your days doin' that anymore.
Thank you for the CHANGE there, Barry.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those HUD folks were in place before obumler got in.....
I don't think we can just blame obumler for this one.
I really don't think our country is going back to a more conservative time....when we have officials in place like these HUD folks.
Once we get rid of obumler....then we need to fire all of the officials.....start with the czars and then work down to about the seventh or eighth level of burocraps.