Saturday, February 4, 2012

I really think it is time for the US to leave the UN

During the cold war, it served an important roll as a means of communication and interaction between super powers so the chances were lessened that we'd blow the world up.  The UN has turned into a new bureaucracy that has reached its own critical mass.  Also, as was observed as far back as at least Julius Caesar, if you let the majority, who has less then the minority, govern, they will do nothing but try to take away what the minority has.  In case you don't realize it, we are the minority.  The great Global Warming scam is winding down, though that didn't stop the UN loonies from "imposing" a universal "tax" on us rich countries at Durban a few months ago.  And the whole carbon trading thing was a cover for having 'wealthy' (read: hard working, innovating and successful) countries being socialized to the lesser developed countries.  Well the UN is at it again.  This time they are being more blatant in their attempt to socialize the world at our expense:
The United Nations wants a world tax imposed on all financial transactions to fund a global model of social services that will provide “needy people” with a basic income, free healthcare, education and housing.

The drive is part of the UN’s mission to create a “social protection floor” under the auspices of the Commission on Social Development, which began this week in New York. The SPF will become the UN’s primary focus from 2015 onwards when the Millennium Development Goals project concludes.
“The money to fund these services may come from a new world tax,” reports the Deseret News, quoting Jens Wandel, Deputy Director of the United Nations Development Program, who said that a long term funding plan for the project would center around “a minimal financial transaction tax (of .005 percent). This will create $40 billion in revenue.”  ***
So I ask again, why are we paying for yet another attempt to fleece western taxpayers to fund their socialistic goals that are to our detriment?


Brock Townsend said...

Many, many years overdue.

Dave H said...

You know, when they built the UN headquarters I think they were still using lead paint.

I'm just saying.

2cents said...

Come to think of it, maybe we can give the UN the City of New York in exchange for our withdrawal. Solve a whole host of issues at the same time.