Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I cannot believe that the American people are not rioting in the streets

They have been robbed.  Worse, our future and our children have been horribly hurt by Obama.  There is no way to spin or sugar coat it.  The Weekly Standard has an excellent blog entry entitled "The Cost Of Obama."  Based upon Obama's own numbers (which we know are going to be wildly, laughably optimistic), he will have wrung up a staggering $5.17 trillion dollar deficit in just four years!  A few other highlights:
To help put that colossal sum of money into perspective, if you take our deficit spending under Obama and divide it evenly among the roughly 300 million American citizens, that works out to just over $17,000 per person — or about $70,000 for a family of four.
 Because the gross domestic product (GDP) nearly always grows from year to year, the most favorable way to view Obama’s deficit spending is as a percentage of GDP. Surely he can’t look as bad in that light, right? 

More perspective:
Well, prior to Obama, our annual deficit spending had only exceeded 6.0 percent of GDP during the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Except during those huge conflicts, our deficits had never exceeded 6.0 percent of GDP in any year — not during the Great Depression, not at the height of the Cold War defense buildup, not ever. But that’s no longer the case. During Obama’s four years in the White House (and, again, using his own numbers), annual deficit spending will average 8.4 percent of GDP.
That’s nearly double the average annual level of deficit spending under any other post-War president. 

I do not care who runs against him.  For the sake of America and our children, this guy has to be thrown out.


Anonymous said...

I guess you want GWB back, because he didn't spend any money and brought the defict down.

2cents said...

I would take him in a heartbeat over Obama. Bush defended the Country in two wars while his deficits for eight years were a fraction of what Obama ADMITS to in four years. I would rather a balanced budget amendment, but given the choice, I would take Bush's fiscal policies over Obama's any day.