Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I went jogging last night

No too far, about two miles, but I purposely picked a very hilly route.  I do a kind of interval workout where I sprint up the hills and jog down them.  I do most of my aerobic workouts on my nordic track cross country ski machine which is very low impact.  Every so often I crave the fresh air so I suck it up and actually run.  Then I pay the price for it the next day.  So today I feel very old.  However, I am just a whipper snapper in cosmic clock of things on earth as it turns out.  An Australian scientist sequenced the DNA of a type of giant sea grass found in the Mediterranean.  Turns out some of those patches are 200,000 years old.  By far the oldest living organism on the planet.  Gee, I may have to run a marathon tonight.

A stock image of seagrass.

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