Thursday, February 2, 2012

Separated at birth?

Sargent Schultz: "I know nothing!"

Eric Holder when asked about Border Agent Brian Terry's death by a firearm supplied by Attorney General Holder's Justice Department:
"When you were informed about that within 24 hours, did anyone inform you or allude to the fact that the weapons found at the scene were from Fast and Furious?" Issa asked Holder.
"No," Holder replied. "I didn't know about Operation Fast and Furious until the beginning parts of 2011 after I received that letter from Senator Grassley, I guess at the end of January and then that was about Operation Gun Runner. I actually learned about the Fast and Furious operation in February of that year."

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Wolfman said...

Y'know what strikes me? The absolute BEST CASE SCENARIO is that Eric Holder is absolutely incompetent and has zero control over the Department of Justice. Anything less than 100% incompetence is a matter of malice. How this man still has a position is ridiculous. The best case is he is not fit for the position, the worst case is treason. I would say all positions between those two extremes would still require his dismissal.