Friday, February 10, 2012

This is a full service blog

Or maybe I am just a Renaissance blogger. Either way, I bring you three breaking stories about the fauna that surround us here on Earth:

Woolly Mammoth Spotted and Filmed in Siberia
No, really. And supposedly a fur sample matches the fur from frozen ones found throughout the region from ten thousand years ago. The last (or at least the heretofore believed to be last) of them died out on an isolated island off of Siberia about 3500 years ago. However, an engineer who was surveying a very remote area of the vast Siberian wilderness filmed this bad boy crossing a river:

Pennsylvania Couple Catches a Purple Squirrel
Once again, no, really.  Percy and Connie Emert of Jersey Shore, PA have been waging a battle all winter with squirrels.  They have trapped about 50 of the rascals who were raiding their bird feeders so far this winter.  They got quite a surprise when one of them was purple:

ht purple squirrel jp 120209 wblog Couple Catches Purple Squirrel in Pennsylvania

Bear and Wolf are Best Friends Since Cub-hood
L'il Bear and Talia the wolf grew up together at the Woodland Zoo and are still best friends.

No need to thank me for the update on nature news.  All part of the service.

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