Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good weekend for Romney, barely

Mitt took the Maine caucuses.  Barely.  He beat Ron Paul by a few hundred votes (as much as you can translate caucuses into votes).  Close enough so Ron Paul calls it a tie.  But Mitt won.  I do not think the Maine win moved him forward, but it might have killed him if he did not win.  It was almost a border state.  It tends to be moderate and he did well there four years ago.  If he'd lost it, his air of inevitability would have been absolutely and quite possibly permanently deflated.  He did score a big win this weekend, though.  And I am shocked it hasn't gotten more play.  He just won the straw poll a CPAC.  My son was there and I cannot wait to talk to him about it.  Mitt managed to top the field at the most conservative and most active of political activists.  If they (grudgingly) fall in line for him in the general election--and I think they will--he is a shoe in in the general election.

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