Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who remembers the oil embargo under Carter?

I do, though it was just before I started driving.  Long lines and limited quantities for fill ups.  And gas prices rose by 103.77 percent.  Under the Obama administration gas prices have now risen by 103.79 percent. 


Dave H said...

I remember it, although I wasn't driving yet either. By the time I was driving gas had come back down to about 65 cents a gallon.

We were lucky I guess. We lived in Ohio at the time and Sohio (Standard Oil of Ohio, later acquired by BP) got most of their oil from domestic sources like the Gulf of Mexico. The local Sohio station ran dry a few times but for the most part gas was available when we needed it.

Dave H said...

Oops, my mistake. I was thinking of the OPEC oil embargo of 1973-74, which was on Richard Nixon's watch. Carter's embargo was after the Shah of Iran was deposed, about 1979. I was driving by then, but not enough to be hindered by higher gas prices.