Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You heard it here first

I am predicting the next great moral outrage from the progressive left in America.  Big Bad US committing, er, "genocide" against a foreign peoples.  WAY foreign peoples.  In fact, not peoples.  In further fact not on this planet.  I am not kidding.  We killed martians back in 1976.  A bunch of scientists re-examined the data from the 1976 Viking Mars probe and determined that the data was originally misinterpreted.  As I understand it, a scoop of subsurface martian soil was incubated and fertilized.  The data shows a rhythmic generation of carbon from the sample.  For a number of reasons the experiment was dismissed back in the 70s, but the new analysis gives rise  to at least the argument that it proved that there is life on Mars.  If you dug up Earth soil, incubated it and fertilized it, carbon would be released at the circadian rhythm of the little growing microbes.  NASA either missed or rejected the conclusion that there was microbial activity so they proceed with the next test on the soil which involved heating it way up.  I will now translate this into progressive speak: we sent a space ship to a place populated with peaceful living beings, proved they were there and then killed them.


Dave H said...

But they started it! How many space probes have they destroyed?

2cents said...

Good point by you. We haven't gotten one of them back.