Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally some good science that proves man causes global warming

Many years ago when I first heard about global warming caused by man's carbon emissions, I thought it made sense.  But something in the back of my mind kept bugging me about the theory.  Then it dawned on me: carbon is a lousy thermal insulator.  I even dug out an old P-chem text book from college and sure enough, I was right.  Carbon only resonated at a very few radiant frequencies.  Far more radiant energy passed right through than was ever caught to excite the carbon molecules.  The more I started asking questions, the more sketchy the answers--feedback loops and all kinds of tricks and "scientific" concoctions to try to explain in a very complicated way what was really very straight forward science.  Well, I call them as I see them.  And I have to tell you, I have finally seen real evidence proving a viable theory of made caused global warming.  By wind turbines.  Seems that those honking big propellers roil the stratified air in the atmosphere to cause warm air to rise and pull cold air down to the earth's surface where it warms up.  Yup.  This science is logical and the data looks pretty strong to me.



Quizikle said...

Heh, indeed
(airplanes too)

2cents said...

I always said I would be the first one to admit to global warming ass soon as I was presented with demonstrable, repeatable, scientifically quantifiable and readily observable evidence that man is causing warming of the earth's atmosphere.