Monday, April 9, 2012

Visits to Civil War sites increase dramatically

There are a lot of reasons, I am sure.  Could be that people are looking in their own (relative) back yards for vacations instead of having their money vacuumed out of their pockets in Orlando.  No matter what the reason, I am glad.  We should always remember the lesson of the Civil War.  Despite my numerous rants that tend to have a federalist bent and clearly fear the evil of strong republican ideas (ever think of the irony of a federalist hating centralized power in the Federal Government and liking the Republican Party for that reason?), I certainly do not advocate another war between the states.  However, if I see that coming, I am packing the car and heading to my place in Maine.  I figure the next time they will likely blow the bridge a Kittery and leave all of y'all to deal with each other.


Borepatch said...

Point of order: it was "The War Between The States." The South didn't want to take over the North, so it wasn't a Civil War.

2cents said...

Please read more carefully I refer to a repeat conflagration as a "war between the states." Either way, we're blowing the bridge a Kittery. You are all southerners to us and you all deserve each other ;)

Ken said...

I was thinking of taking a job in the Upper Peninsula for much the same reason. Drop the bridge at Mackinac, and Bob's your uncle. :-)