Monday, April 9, 2012

I always wondered why this doesn't happen more often

Every time I read a story about Somali pirates taking over a ship, I start to think about simple logistical problems.  Like attacking up the sheer sides of a big vessel.  Then I think about how easy it would be for a couple guys with automatic weapons to repel the invaders with a couple of "warning shots to the head."  I end up concluding that I obviously must be missing something or else there wouldn't be a pirate problem in the waters off the Horn of Africa.  Maybe I am not missing anything.  If I owned a merchant vessel that plied those waters, I think I would see if I could hire a few retired SEALs.  I am thinking I wouldn't have a pirate problem.


Dave H said...

If I heard it correctly, as long as the pirates weren't actually shooting anyone the shipping companies were reluctant to give them a reason to start. The fear was that if ships showed armed resistance the pirates would escalate to executing hostages in order to send a message.

2cents said...

Probably. But if they arm, the chances of them actually getting any hostages from their typical attack platforms of little half open boats is going to go way down.