Friday, April 20, 2012

But wait a minute, won't that cause MORE global warming by putting carbon up in the air?

Wing nut alarminista Steven Zwick who writes a column for Forbes, has called for eco-terrorism.  He wants everyone to burn down the homes of global warming skeptics.  Really?!  I could see maybe bulldozing them, but burning them?  That will just spew a whole bunch more carbon up to warm us some more!!!  What is he thinking?


Dave H said...

He's welcome to come burn down my mobile home and create a new Superfund site. There's enough plastic and urea formaldehyde in there to gas most of the town.

Then we'd get to see him hauled off for violating New York State environmental laws. They take that stuff seriously here. DEC has their own cops and everything.

Borepatch said...

I await Mr. Zwick's visit to Camp Borepatch, and will respond to his presence with violent enthusiasm. I'll see his bid of Molotov Cocktail and raise him a .30-06.