Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An interesting but unsurprising poll about Obamacare

A new ABC/ Washington Post poll shows support for the law to at an all time low.  Only 39% of the public now support it.  I find the results entirely predictable in light of the just concluded Supreme Court arguments.  The fact of the matter is that the public tends to "educate" itself about almost all matters of importance by sound bites.  Sound bites are very easy to spin, particularly with a sympathetic MSM.  The extraordinary three day oral argument scheduled by the SCOTUS forced more Americnsa to look more closely at the great hoodwink perpetrated by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  Lo and behold, when the public learned more facts about how the law was to work, more and more people rejected it for what it was: the largest socialization project ever undertaken by the Federal government.  The real object lesson to me is how important, and difficult, it is to really educate the electorate which has sadly become very lazy.  The good news is that it reaffirms perhaps my core belief that a democratic society that has all of the facts at hand when making decisions will generally make the right ones.

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