Saturday, March 10, 2012

5,330,000 -- that is Five Million Three Hundred Thirty Three thousand

Jobs lost under the Obama administration.  Over five freaking million who are still trying to find employment that cannot.  The longest "jobs recession" since WWII.  Spin that all you want, but Obama is a one term President.  And the sad thing is that his ridiculous spending on unproductive, ill-conceived, stupid and illegal federal expenditures will curse the people of these United States for years.


Quizikle said...

We can only hope Obooma is a one-term Prez. With the Republicans apparently self-destructing and having no particular candidate with wide appeal, I'm beginning to believe things will be made to appear "better" at any and all costs to assure a 2nd term.

Unless we have a "surprise" Republican convention


2cents said...

Not enamored of any of the bunch myself, but I will vote for any of them (and most anyone else) to get Obama out.