Thursday, March 22, 2012

I blame all y'all techie types

ht internet infographic thg 120321 wblog Sex, Alcohol and Showers: What Americans Would Give Up for the Internet   

Apparently 21% of Americans would rather give up sex than be disconnected from the internet.  77 percent would chose the internet over chocolate if they had too.  Worse, 69% said they'd give up coffee!!!  Most problematic of all, 73% of the American people said they would rather give up alcohol than be disconnected!!  Seriously, people.  Come on.


Dave H said...

I might give up buying alcohol to keep my 'net connection for a year. But I've got about ten gallons of mead at home that I learned to make online. I think I've got it covered.

2cents said...

I think we need a new Prohibition--against the internet!! It has obviously gotten out of hand.

Dave H said...

All right, what have you done with the real 2cents? You sound like Eric Holder.


2cents said...

Hey,anything that gets in between people and their booze is obviously evil. There is a moral imperative at stake here.