Thursday, March 8, 2012

It is happening

Or at least Obama is trying to make it happen.  You remember when Obama got elected and we were all worried he was trying to make the US subservient to a new world order led by the UN and the Europeans.  Cuz they are soooooo much more civilized than we are?  He's tried it with things like AGW and carbon taxes/credits, but that whole thing was a house of cards so he had to jump off of the Kyoto through Durban fantasy of equalizing our wealth to everyone else for the greater good.  Well, Leon Panetta may have just crossed the line.  He told Congress the legal basis for enforcing a no-fly in Syria was international permission to do so.  Excuse me!?  Hitler and the Axis powers would have given international permission for us to start massacring Jews.  That is exactly why our founders placed the only limits on Executive military action within our Constitution.  Whether it is through a declaration of war, a separate war powers act or even a treaty (which must by ratified by the Senate to be effective), the Constitution prohibits any President from taking military action unless it is "legal" within these fifty states.  And if Panetta violates the Constitution for the benefit of and at the orders of another country, I believe the technical legal term is "treason."

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