Monday, March 5, 2012


Is going to be the nominee.  The party is starting to unite around him.  Mike Huckabee on Fox News:
But if the trend continues over the weekend that we've started to see with Romney, sort of, bringing people together as people are saying "Okay, look, if he's going to win, let's go ahead and get behind him."
That's what I think is starting to happen.
Former (conservative) Governor and Senator from Missouri and United States Attorney General Ashcroft endorsed him.  So did noted conservative Congressman and Majority Leader Cantor from Virginia and Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who has his own conservative bona fides.

And I love how the Main Stream Media is reporting left and right (but mainly left) that the active Republican Primary has irreparably bruised whoever emerges as the nominee.  Quite the contrary.  Romney's name recognition is now higher than Obama's.  By being beat up by the conservative wing of his party, the undecided center probably thinks he is more moderate than he really is--which is a good thing in the general election.  Plus in today's world the electorate as the attention span of  gnat.  Talk to me two days before the election day about polls, maybe.  Most of all: damn near persistent double digit employment, real inflation, gas at five bucks a gallon and a few more Obama buddies who fattened at the green energy trough with your money.  That is why he won't get re-elected.

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