Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It just isn't as fun to kick the global warming nuts because of how long they have been down

But I still can't resist it...  So first we had the Medieval warm period.  You remember, the hockey stick would've looked like it had been broken over the cross bar if they had actually shown what happened 1,000 years ago--long before our coal power plants and SUVs.  Then, when the GW proponents were called on it with too much irrefutable evidence, the warmistas change course and admitted to the warm period but said it was localized to just Europe.  Must have been a flukey current that caused a temporary and geographically limited effect.  In fact, the present position of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as much as admits that they need the effect to have been local and not world wide for their theories about anthroprogenic global warming to hold water.  Only one problem.  It is not all that hard to go get the data to determine if the Medieval warm period was localized or global.  And Professor of Geochemistry Zunli Lu of Syracuse University has done just that.  Dr. Lu went down to Antarctica and did a whole bunch of coring samples.  He looked for several things.  One of which is ikaite, an icy, crystaline version of limestone.  Ikaite is not terribly stable.  Water, when frozen, holds it together.  It comes apart when the water melts.  Dr. Lu's corings showed lots of ikaite from 2,000 year old sediments.  And more from 3-500 years ago during the "little ice age".  The only problem is that he could not find much from about 1,000 years ago.  So I guess it got a little balmy down on the bottom of the Earth back then, at the same time as it got a little balmy in Europe.  Maybe my ancestors were lighting a WHOLE lot more campfires.  Can't wait to see how IPCC shifts to ignore this bit of data.

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